Bihar Museum, Patna - 2013 - 2015

The mission of the Bihar Museum is to celebrate this ancient past and to inculcate a sense of pride in modern-day Biharis.
Funded by the Bihar State Government, it is constructed to be one of the most technologically creative museums of India. It is the first Museum in India with a unique touch based Children’s Gallery and extensive of several Interpretive media. The architects of the Bihar Museum are Maki & Co, Japan, their first big Museum project in India. 

Role and Responsibility: Consultant for Research Coordination, Content Writing, Co - curation and Collection management for the entire Museum. Textual and visual research on the history of Bihar was undertaken, and the same was conveyed to the design teams for creation of the Museum’s exhibition and graphic design, website and social media presence.
It included coordination between the Bihar Government, Patna Museum, Lord Cultural Resources staff, subject experts, designers, architects. 
Image Courtesy: websites of Lord Cultural Resources, Lopez Design and Poulomi Das