VarnikaDesigns is a museum, culture and heritage planning and design consultancy.


It is our mission is to help design new or transform existing spaces into: 

  • accessible

  • inclusive

  • contemporary

  • meaningful

  • multidimensional

  • engaging

  • immersive, and

  • interactive ones

Our methodology & work process:

We associate with our stakeholders in one or all of the following ways, depending on the project requirement:      

  • Discussion with all the stakeholders

  • Understanding the need and relevance of the project

  • Conception of the project 

  • Planning its different stages and phases 

  • Design requirements and assignment of responsibilities 

  • Create access & Interpretation plans

  • Planning management and execution of these plans

  • Developing and planning heritage management strategies

  • Formulating way-finding strategies

  • Curation 

  • Research coordination and content management

  • Customise collection management systems to the project

  • Project Management

  • Planning, implementing and execution of education programmes 

  • Evaluation and assessment of the project

  • Project Documentation 

According to the great artist Abanindranath Tagore, the Six Limbs of Indian Painting in Sanskrit are:
“Rupabhedah pramani bhava – lavnay – yojanam
Sadrishyam varnikabhangam iti chitram shadakam”


'Vãrnika-Bhanga' or application and appropriate distribution of colour is regarded as one of the Six Cannons of Painting (Shadanga) of Indian Aesthetics in an early treatise, the Vishnudharmottaram, which contains guidelines on painting in ancient India.


This was further elucidated by the great modern artist Abanindranath Tagore, who lists these six components of painting as: Rupa–bheda (difference between visual and mental form), Pramana (proportion and harmony), Bhava (expression), Lavanya Yojana (lustre of texture), Sadrisya (versimilitude), Varnika Bhanga.

Imagine perfect depiction of life, form, texture, proportionate figures and landscapes without colour! If there were no colour any of these would convey only partial pleasure and admiration. 

This website will take you on a colourful virtual tour through some of the projects that have mapped the passage of time in India.

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