It is our mission to make museums and heritage spaces accessible and inclusive for diverse audiences 

We design new or transform existing museums and heritage spaces into: 

        accessible             inclusive                contemporary         meaningful      

         multidimensional           engaging            immersive             interactive ones

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VarnikaDesigns is a museum planning and design consultancy 


Our Museum Planning services and methodology comprises of:

1.) Meet Up & Discover Phase: 

Plan brainstorming workshops with various stakeholders including local communities to know the scope and need for the museum

2.) Analyse & Audit: 

Collate Discover Phase, analyse existing collections or help obtain new ones, generate Visitor Profiles for making the museum meaningful


3.) Strategise & Plan: 

Create Access, Interpretation, Education and Visitor Experience plans for realistic project timeline, scope of work, schedule and budget. Planning and creating Collection and Content Management Systems (CMS) is our speciality


4.) Research & Create Content

Source and create authentic content according to the style and treatment of display systems, static or digital installations, for writing narrative and storyline for films, audiovisual’s and digital interactions


5.) Sketch & Ideate: 

Prepare Mood board, Brand Study for museum’s identity and presentation

6.) Design & Discuss: 

Animation, Illustrations, proposal of Visual Design elements, Layout Design Options for final designs and style guides 

7.) Curate: 

In sync with the collections, space, budget, timeline and visitor needs

8.) Write Content, Edit & Translate: 

For panels, installations, films, av’s and any other elements in the museum


9.) Design Museum Website & Social Media interface: 

build Layouts, discuss deviations if any, make Information Architecture, Site Map, Wireframing and test the designs

10.) Identify human resources & propose organisational structures essential for museum functioning


11.) Project Management: 

Liaison & Coordinate with teams of reserachers, architects, designers, fabricators

12.) Evaluation and assessment of the project and its entire process documentation 

You are free to select some or all of the above

The story of 'VarnikaDesigns':

According to the great Indian artist who initiated the Bengal School of Art,  Abanindranath Tagore, the Six Limbs of Indian Painting in Sanskrit are:
Rupa–bheda pramanani bhava – lavanaya – yojanam
Sadrisyam varnikabhangam iti chitram shadangakam

'Vãrnika-Bhanga' or application and appropriate distribution of colour is regarded as one of the Six (Shadanga) Cannons of Painting of Indian Aesthetics in an early treatise, the Vishnudharmottaram, which contains guidelines on painting in ancient India

Abanindranath Tagore explains these six components of painting as: Rupa–bheda (difference between visual and mental form), Pramanani (proportion and harmony), Bhava (expression), Lavanya Yojanam (lustre of texture), Sadrisyam (versimilitude), Varnika Bhanga

Imagine perfect depiction of life, form, texture, proportionate figures and landscapes without colour! If there were no colour any of these would convey only partial pleasure and admiration. 

As a consultancy firm with a blog and digital presence, VarnikaDesigns attempts to ensure a platform for multiple voices, narratives and communities